Mastering the Interview

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You don’t have to be naturally charismatic to be a star interviewer. Employers are looking for a few key things, and this course will prepare you to meet and exceed their expectations. You will learn:  -How to research and prepare for the interview -How to answer questions in a focused way -How to ask the right questions when you have the chance  -How to use communication skills such as body language to your advantage -How to follow up with a professional email This course has a ton of added value: from detailed worksheets and quizzes to a whole new way of responding to questions when you don’t have an immediate answer. We call it the RARE method, and it is sure to make you look engaged and in control.  Length: Approximately 2 hours Self-paced (6 Modules, 6 Quizzes, 7 Downloadable Worksheets)

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