Presentations as Performance

Why this Course is Important

As more and more of the workforce becomes educated, and more industries turn to automation and AI, professionals find it difficult to stay competitive. More than ever, the people who stand out are the ones who can communicate well. Research has shown time and time again that professionals who can communicate in a way that is clear, relatable, and persuasive are more likely to keep their jobs, get raises, be promoted, and have greater influence. Acquiring good communication skills is essential.  

What this Course Will Teach You

Acquiring solid communication skills is not as mysterious as you might think. This 3-4 hour course breaks the process down into clear and focused segments, including:

  • Think the Part: How to prepare your mind to control communication anxiety
  • Look the Part: How to use your body to signal trust
  • Sound the Part: How to control your voice to project confidence
  • Know the Part: How to research and organize your message for a target audience

Accompanying each module are video demonstrations, detailed worksheets, and quizzes to keep you engaged and add value to your experience.  

Length: Approximately 4 hours / Self-paced (5 Modules, 5 Quizzes, 9 Downloadable Worksheets)