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What's Included?

“We were extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to host Ben. The workshop was well researched, and Ben’s delivery of the material kept our audience engaged. The skills we learned in that workshop have already paid dividends for our company as we have closed a large deal using the knowledge we gained during the training. We have completely redesigned the way we approach our customers as a result of what we learned. It has created a more efficient way of engaging with our customers as well as increasing employee morale as our team is having fun with this new approach. The Return on Investment is indisputable.”

Emerson Carnavale

CEO, Sunwarrior:

“I’ve participated in Ben’s trainings both virtually and in person. He provides the perfect blend of professional expertise and relevant practice. My colleagues and I felt informed and empowered by the experience, and we will definitely work with him again. You won’t find a more qualified teacher and trainer.”

Anthony Moss

Founder and CEO, Harborcoat Consulting; Director, Midwest, Coastal Cloud


  • Course Introduction and Objectives
    • Who this course is for
    • What you will learn
  • Self Introduction 
    • My interest, training, and experience
    • My goals for you
  • The Story of Demosthenes 
    • Communication as Delivery
    • Communication as Practice
    • Communication as Performance (it’s about how you appear)  
  • Section 1: The Professional Problem: A Soft Skills Gap
    • What Employers are Looking For
    • What the Public is Looking For 
  • Section 2: The Personal Problem: A Fear of Public Speaking
    • What You Fear Most
    • What You Think You Know
    • Section 3: The Causes: Anxiety and Miseducation
    • The Role of Hormones 
    • A Long History of Bad Advice
  • Section 1: Stance and Movement
    • Center Stage 
    • First Position
    • Authoritative Movement
  • Section 2: Hand Gestures
    • Above the Waist
    • Away from the Body
    • Open Palmed
    • Section 3: Eyes and Facial Expression
    • Eye Contact
    • Emotional Expression
    • Smiling
  • Section 1: Volume
    • Breath
    • Vocalization
    • Articulation 
  • Section 2: Inflection
    • Volume
    • Emotion
    • Articulation  
  • Section 3: Rate
    • Eye Contact
    • Pause
    • Articulation  
  • Section 1: Researching the Message
    • Trust (ethos)
    • Logic (logos)
    • Emotion (pathos) 
  • Section 2: Organizing the Message
    • The Chronological Pattern (informative)
    • The Motivated Sequence (persuasive) 
    • The Topical Pattern (default)
  • Section 3: Visualizing the Message
    • Slide Decks
    • Tactile Objects
    • Speaker Appearance  
  • Section 1: Story-telling
    • Emotion
    • Composition
    • Timing   
  • Section 2: Listening
    • Visual Listening
    • Verbal Listening
    • Deferring Judgment 
  • Section 3: Sensory Learning
    • Group Discussion
    • Tactile Visuals
    • Food and Drink 

“Ben and his team are the best! Ben’s training has made a huge difference in the soft skills of our team. They are much more aware of their written and verbal communications. We’re a diverse, remote team and this training has dramatically impacted both our domestic and international team members. I highly recommend him!”

Blair Williams

Founder and CEO, Caseproof LLC and Memberpress.com:

Lots of people in my industry have elite tech skills, but very few of them have elite communication skills. What I love about TriviumU’s content and training is that it gives people like me a huge edge over the competition. Their training is based in academic research and real world experience, and I came away immediately with usable, new skills. I definitely recommend them for anyone who is looking for real expertise and concrete training.

Joe Layton

FOUNDER Sentinel Creative